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  1. i have a Line 6 XD -V75 receiver with the latest software version 2.01 firmware 2.04 and have updated my THH12 transmitter with version 2.1. I have tried RF mode 1 and also RF mode 2 at both outdoor and indoor shows and a preshow scan always shows ch 1 to 14 at least partially populated with signal. I even have a smartphone app that analyses the 2.4 gig Wifi spectrum and does not even indicate any activity on ch 13 and 14 yet the scan shows activity on those 2 channels. I have separated the receiver from my show Wi-Fi router that controls my Presonus Mixer and have it placed directly center stage 6 feet from the performer. I understand a busy Wi-Fi spectrum will reduce the range of the transmitter however it has become useless not even going 3 seconds then drops out. I have a question, is this unit no longer a viable product to use as a professional wireless Mic? By this I mean, has the WiFi spectrum become polluted with so many smart devices using WiFi that this Mic can no longer be trusted? Also, I see by the forums and the internet that this complaint is a common one. Is Line 6 going to address this issue with some kind of software upgrade or has this type of device become useless. I love the sound of this Mic and when working has the best sound of almost any wireless Mic I have ever heard but if it dosent work it will become a paperweight. Any information or suggestions would really help.
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