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  1. Glad to hear you got your POD problem solved. For me, the problem was solved but only at some unexpected expense. That expense was, first, get RID of my formerly beloved HD500, immediately followed up by purchasing a brand new HELIX. Problem solved.
  2. Yessir, I just tried your suggestion using Teemah (Distortion) before the Jazz Rivet 120 amp/cab (a super clean amp) and it warms up nicely with good sustain. Good idea...thanks!
  3. Thanks for the link...dunno why I didn't think of that...ahem....
  4. I'm considering picking up an HX Stomp but I have to know something before I buy...Can I plug a MIDI keyboard into HX Stomp and record it to a DAW, using HX Stomp also as the audio interface?
  5. What drivers other than ASIO would you recommend?
  6. So, are you saying it's ok to connect your hd500 to your computer BUT just don't choose it as your default audio device...and the computer doesn't crash? I'll try connecting my 500 again, while keeping the old Toneport UX-2 as the default audio device and see what happens...will report back with results.
  7. My HD500 causes the blue screen problem as well...and it's been going on now for about a year. I still don't have a fix and I've tried so many different possible fixes that I'm tired of trying. Despite that, I NEED to get the HD500 and my laptop to make up and be friends again. They worked together nicely for close to two years...but then came the BSOD crash! Days later it happened again...and then again but sooner. It kept getting more and more frequent until now I'd be lucky to get 5 minutes before a crash. My workaround has been to replace the HD500 with an ancient Toneport UX-2, which runs beautifully with no crashes whatsoever. This proves that the problem lies with the HD500 itself or possibly some driver conflict. Everything is up to date, BTW. That was the first thing I checked. I know this problem dates back to as far as 2014 and I have yet to see any posts by Line 6 folks that address this problem with HD500 AND HD500X crashing Windows 10. I and many others would be most appreciative if someone from Line 6 could shine some light on this very agonizing situation. I'm just about ready to list my HD500 on eBay or facebook or ??? I'd rather keep it, unless someone wants to trade me their HELIX...or even their HX Stomp. I'd take either one of those trades, once I made sure they didn't crash my computer. Come on, Line 6, LOTS of folks are depending on YOU for help with this very old problem. That would go a long way toward giving extra credit to the Line 6 Support team...at a time when it seems that Line 6 Support could use some support. No offense intended...but this has gone on for much too long with no response [that I've seen] from Line 6.
  8. Hey Marcus, thanks for the workaround! I have successfully installed Workbench on Windows 10! I haven't been able to edit my Variax 600 in years but now I have a chance to see if it's really gonna work again. You know, back when the Line 6 folks were happy to sell you a pretty good solid body guitar with software driven editing... But it's been years since I've been able to customize the guitar specifications... because Line 6 didn't see a need to offer Variax owners a way to edit their guitar specs. That's just wrong. So, when I can take some Variax time and do some re-wiring in the studio, I'll know for sure if the program (Workbench) is actually going to run again. Thanks again, Marcus, good work!
  9. Thanks much, Guru, for understanding my request and, of course, following up by providing me with the set lists that I needed. I do appreciate your time and effort in helping me out. Dub
  10. Hello friends and neighbors! Do any of you know where I could find a bundle of all the presets/patches that would have come with the most recent HD500 update? I have all of my own patches saved from several years of tweaking but have just about wiped out all of the factory patches. It would be good to have the patches for a couple of reasons...one, just to see if there are any of those that I would like to use and two, if I decide to upgrade my pedal, I'm sure that anyone interested in buying my HD500 would like to have it set up as a new pedal off the shelf. I haven't found factory packages of patches anywhere but I'd bet some of you just might have saved them. I'd appreciate any assistance with this little problem. Thanks! Dub Campbell
  11. I'm really wondering about the AD/DA converters in both the UX-2 and the newer Studio UX-2. Is there a significant difference in the quality of the converters or any other circuits in the units?
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