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  1. hi . i just bought myself a line 6 amplifi 150 amp , and pair it via bluetooth with my iphone 5s , and thru the amplifi remote app , i saw that has an old firmware 1.00 . So i tried to update it thrue app , but an error message appears that says the update was failed. I turned off the amp and i switch it on , holding pressed the tone and tap buttons to make a factory reset . Then i conect it via usb cable to my desktop pc that runs windows 10 . i downloaded the line 6 updater , and run the programm to update firmware again, getting the amp in update mode , but again an error message appears that the update was failed and promt me to switch off and on again the amplifi. after i did that , the four tone lights are flashing , and stopped working. WHAT CAN I DO?
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