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  1. I'm also going to answer my own question! I returned the TT to GuitarGuitar and they managed to fix it by performing a factory reset. The procedure is different from what's described for a firmware update - I followed the instructions for "4 tone lights flashing on AMPLIFi". The factory reset is actually described here: Line 6 Device Factory Reset Procedures. In summary, power up while holding Tone and Volume buttons. Happy to have my TT back :)
  2. Hi Tom, sounds like your TT needs to be returned - you should be able to plug your guitar in and be able to hear something out of it without doing any of the bluetooth pairing actions. The usual sequence of lights when you switch it on is: Tone-A light comes on for a couple of seconds. Tone-A light flashes for a couple of seconds Tone-Button lights up; Tap-Button flashes; First four red lights on the volume knob light up. You should then be able to switch between Tone-A/B/C/D with the tone button (Tone light moves for each press) Turning the volume should make more red-LEDs come on around the volume knob. Clicking the volume know should get you some white LEDs around the knob - this is your guitar volume.
  3. This thread has a lot of useful information about using an FBV Shortboard mk2 with Amplifi: http://line6.com/support/topic/5787-functionality-with-fbv-shortboard-mk-ii I think some of it will be applicable to the FBV Express, but only the part that deals with switching channels. Bank switching can only be done with the Shortboard, as it's the only device with a bank up/down switch on it. The app doesn't actually understand banks at all. Although the app shows you all the channels that are loaded into each bank, when you select one it just gets loaded into the working channel in the Amplifi device. When you use the footswitch or buttons on the Amplifi it always loads from the first bank into the working channel It would be nice to be able to switch banks with the app, and then use the footswitch, or the button on the Amplifi to switch channels - but that doesn't seem to be supported. I don't really understand why, as it seems an obvious usage model to me - I don't want to leave my phone sitting draining its battery with the screen on the whole time I'm playing. Your other option is to replace the channels in bank-1 with the four that you want - then use the footswitch to select between them.
  4. Hi Triryche, Thanks for the suggestion - I did give it a try, but it's even less promising. The device update screen starts up and the "downloading from server" message is present for a short time, but then it gives up with a message saying "Device Update Timed Out. Please restart amplifi device". Looks like it's going back...
  5. Yup - after cycling the power a couple of times, that's the first place I went. As I said, the update completes and the Amplifi Utility says that it is successful. Then the device reboots itself and the 4 flashing lights come back. I did try the whole update procedure a couple of times, but the result is the same :(
  6. Hi All, Looking for a second opinion before I return my TT for a replacement :( Bought it a couple of months ago, and have been pretty happy with it. I've been using it mainly for quiet practice, to keep the complaints from the other half at bay! Today I decided to try hooking it into the effects loop in my amp as I'm considering gigging with it and wanted to know how it sounded. So, having hooked it up with effects-send to input and effects-return to amp-out, I set the loop to be at instrument-level (rather than line-level) and tried it out. All seemed to be fine, first impressions of the sound were good. So I switched the TT off and went off to do other things. When I came back and powered it back up, I've got four flashing tone lights and nothing working :o Tried updating the firmware through USB, as per the advice I found on the Line-6 FAQ, the update says it completes successfully and the TT seems to reboot (lights go off, tone-A light comes on and flashes, tone-button illuminates), but then we're back to all four tone-lights flashing. Anyone got any thoughts? - my feeling is that it's broke. Wanted to see if I'm missing something here.
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