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  1. You said I need to cut off the low and top of the tone? by the cubase or adjust directly on the pod edit? I think I can't adjust precise on the pod edit since I have aleady use the boost, so the EQ is not available on the hd300. '
  2. i never thought about the headphone..... yes i just used an normal sony headphone not an monitor headphone. You mean i need to turn up the amp Vol to like 70-80 perhaps?
  3. Epiphone standard pro, a very cheap and bad pick up, too much bass
  4. This is what i record. could you please listen it and find what's going wrong?
  5. i plug my headphone on hd300, since i use computer to recording. i choice the hd300 as recording device in cubase, which means if i plug the headphone on computer,it will be no sound.
  6. i use cubase to record my tone, but the tone is different from the monitor headphone. The tone is not clear, especilly the high gain. The EQ setting has all changed. does anybody know this situation and can figure it out? The mode is studio and line.
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