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  1. Hey Pol2711, you were right on the money. I rolled my JTV back to 1.9 and the tone has returned. The modeling is so much closer to the magnetics now...just like I remembered it. Thanks again for the tip, I owe you a beer.
  2. I hadn't thought about that, but i'll try it. Thanks! If it works I'll post a follow up video as well.
  3. https://youtu.be/VSrw9x1axSk I made a quick video demonstrating the difference I am hearing between the Piezo and Magnetic Pickups. Again, I don't remember there being such a big difference between the 2 with the guitar magnetics and the Strat model. Maybe it's my imagination but the B and high E stings sound very dull and lower volume than before. The demo was done using the #4 position on a Strat for all. The only thing different is that I pressed the modeling knob to engage the modelong and pressed it again to use the magnetic pickups. BTW: This demo was done after I re-installed everything on my JTV-69 as per the suggestions in this post previously.
  4. When I first received my JTV69, the difference between the piezo modeling and the magentic pickups was so close to being the same. After a few years of plenty of gigs my modeling tones have lost a ton of high end. The difference between the piezos and magnetics is huge now. What can I do to restore the original shimmer and detail of the modeling tone? is this an easy maintenance issue? Thanks for any help you can provide.
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