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  1. Thanks for all the good info Col. As soon as my cables arrive I can start to find out what this set will truly do, till then the 69 and the DT are keeping me entertained!!
  2. Congrats on the white 69, that would have been my second choice, although they did have a shoreline gold 69S I thought very hard about, but really wanted the humbucker, so blue it was. The DT is a bit of a beast, but I'm just an at home player, so for me it's perfect, and what an amp!! I'm getting a little antsy, it's taking forever for my damn cables to arrive, and I want to start experimenting!!
  3. Wow!! Now I feel so much better, lol!! Thanks for the advice on where to start SH, I have already started to explore the amp with my Gibson goldtop P-90 and the sounds out of this amp are really great! I thought I'd miss my Vox AC15C1 that I traded to get the DT-25, but this blows the Vox out of the water!!
  4. Thanks Matt, but I haven't even hooked up the whole set up yet, and to tell you the truth the more I read the more daunting it's becoming!!! I'm hoping once the cables get here that it will fall into place, but I think I'm freaking myself out with all the reading I'm doing, lol
  5. LOL, I didn't even know what a XLR cable was until a week ago!!!
  6. Thanks for the info SH. But the L6 cable will be here in less than a week so no scense in getting a second cable that I probally won't use. Besides I'm really enjoying the sounds just straight out of the DT25 and the fish an!!
  7. Well, I now have the whole dream rig and got the Fishman loudbox mini for acoustic sounds.It sounds amazing, now all I need is the cable to go from the HD500 to the DT25 and I'm on my way, might take a week for the cable to come, until then lots of studying to be done!!!
  8. I was looking at the Fishman loudbox mini, it seems to get rave reviews from all who have tested it.
  9. Unfortunately I only have the HD500, not the 500X. Are these downloads good for the HD 500 as well?
  10. Thanks Charlie, almost all the powered monitors I can find are more expensive than the smaller acoustic amps I am looking at. Can I run the HD500 into an acoustic amp if I decide to go that route? Or is there really any need to use it with just acoustic use?
  11. Thanks for the reply big bob, appreciated. I won't use the rig outside the house so I think the LT2 is out (plus I would like to have the option of using the DT25 as a stand alone with my other guitars. I only have a sound bar for my TV so not sure if I could make that work? I know I can get a couple of cheap acoustics amps in the $150 range though, if the DT25 can turn down to bedroom volumes (which it looks like it can?) I could sell my Vox AC4TV to offset the cost of that. Any other suggestions would be appreciated!!
  12. Another question guys, would I be ok to just buy a cheap acoustic amp to play the acoustic models through? I have heard that the DT-25 doesn't handle the acoustic settings very well?
  13. Thanks for the replies guys, appreciated! I'm really just a guy who likes to play around at home. I'm not a great guitarist, but I have fun. Would the dream rig be way to much overkill for me? I have a chance to pick up both an HD500 and a DT25 at what amounts to a steal on my local CL, but if the set up will just frustrate me am I further ahead to just get the HD500 and stay with my AC15C1 as my amp? Could I also just use the DT25 as a stand alone amp or was it created just for use with the Variax/HD500?
  14. Hey all, I just purchased my first Variax guitar, it's a lake placid blue JTV-69 and I'm just amazed by the thing!! I am now actively looking for an HD 500/500X board and a DT25 amp to finish the set up. This forum seems to have lots of advice and knowledge, I'm looking forward to learning more about my new acquisition!!
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