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  1. Got piezo insert and replaced. Very pleased with myself 😀 Thanks
  2. hello my 3 year old 89F with graph tech tremolo has a problem. the high E string does not work with modelling. I had to tighten the screw hard as the string kept popping out when tuning it up after replacement and I think I've broken the pick up. can anyone tell me what type of pick up I need to find to replace ?\ thanks
  3. yeah the reason I bough the 89 was to have a guitar that could do everything. im not a shredder but les pauls , teles and strats are not my favourites. if anything an SG suits my playing better. good guitar though and the Floyd rose works well
  4. Hello I want to have a jam with a clean and overdrive sound. One guy into Aux input the other guitar input. I've created an amp on each path and assigned input auc and guitar respectively. However both amps play together regardless of what input is being used
  5. Thanks for feedback. I'm still having intermittent problems but tolerable. I've bought the hd500x and thought I had no use for the amplify but that's interesting you can monitor on it. How do you connect from hd500x to amplifi?
  6. on the jtv 89 tuning knob it has default tunings that I don't use written on the knob. I would rather the jtv 59 tunings. Can I buy a 59 knob and replace the 89 knob with it? I have retuned the default ones to open g d and e
  7. Yes that sounds familiar. I thought the iPad 2 was too old but your describing same issues with iPad 4
  8. I've been using it for a few months with iPhone 5 and an iPad 2. When it works it great but I spend so much time messing around getting a connection it defeats the purpose of what I bought it for I.e quick dial in plug in and play jammin with backing tracks. I presume some here like it and don't have problems with connections. I understand interference and firmware cause problems but I've upgraded and the phone sits next to it.
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