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  1. BZ, I, too, have just been using a backpack to carry my M13. I use the "TETON Sports Tech The Professional Backpack" that I purchased from Amazon last year ($39.99, free 2-day with Prime). I love this bag for light- to mid-duty action but I wish it had more padding for the M13. Great bag overall, though.
  2. BZ, You are correct. I called customer support directly and they confirmed that turning the model select knob back and forth will default you back to factory settings. So now I simply assign different effects to separate slots when I want to do a side by side comparison. Thanks to all for the help. Grace and peace. E
  3. Beacheshome, Thx so much for the reply. Please forgive my ignorance but when you say "assign them to a bank" do you mean to simply assign that effect to a specific foot switch? If so, does that mean when I come back to that scene and that foot switch, those changes will remain?
  4. Just got my new M13 a couple of days ago. Really excited but having a big problem. The unit is not saving the changes I make in the settings of each effect. For instance, I was playing with Red Comp and Blue Comp to see which I prefer. But the changes I made in one always reverts back to factory settings when I switch back and forth. I followed the steps in the owners manual to make sure that the AUTOSAVE is selected but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Has anyone encountered this issue, and, if so, what is the remedy?
  5. Greetings fellow tone lovers! I'm brand new to the forum and look forward to your wealth of wisdom. Can anyone recommend a carrying case for a brand new M13? Sweetwater recommended the Gator 16x22 case but it was way too big so I'm sending in back. Thx to all.
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