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  1. I saw it mentioned in another thread that there is two versions of the POD Farm plug-in - a stereo version and a mono version. If this is true, how do you set the plug-in for the mono and the stereo version. Thanks in advance for any help. Mark
  2. I didn't realize there was a stereo and mono version plug-in - I'll have to check it out. Thanks. Mark
  3. When I compare some of the sounds I get when using the stand-alone version of Pod Farm 2.5 with the plug-in version, they sound different. The ones I hear in the stand-alone seem to be better. I'm using Windows 10, my interface is a Scarlett 2i2, my DAW is Sonar Professional. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks in advance. Mark
  4. I can't find anything like track monitoring. Still can't get it to work.
  5. My guitar is going directly into the Scarlett. I will have to see what is up with Track Monitoring - that's a new one to me. Mark
  6. I've just installed Pod Farm 2.5. I'm using Sonar and running it through a Scarlett 2i2 interface. When I try to use the Pod Farm plug in - I can't hear the amp effect - but if I record what I'm hearing - the amp effect does record. I must have my routing messed up somewhere - but can't figure it out. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong. Thanks in advance. Mark
  7. I just heard from Line 6 support - the trial version is stand alone only and I need to plug-in version to record. Thanks for the help. Mark
  8. OK - but I don't get the option in Sonar to select Pod Farm as an input. Could it be because I'm using a trial version?
  9. I'm using a trial version of pod farm - which only comes in stand-alone. When I try to record to Sonar - all I get is a dry guitar recording - the effect pod farm is not recording. I'm using a Scarlett 2i2 as my interface and have Sonar Professional on Windows 10. So, I'm guessing you can't record in stand alone - and have to have the plug in to record - is that correct? Or, am I leaving something out of my signal chain? Thanks in advance. Mark
  10. I don't think Pod Farm sounds great with the XTL. It seems to have a bit of a latency problem. So, I tried using Pod Farm with just my Scarlett 2i2 interface - seems to work well. Not having a Line 6 interface - like the GX or UX1 or 2, I'm not sure how the Focusrite Scarlett compares. Anyone know if I need to buy one of the Line 6 interfaces, or if the Scarlett 2i2 will work just as good?
  11. Is it possible to use Pod Farm with a Pod XTLive or do I have to buy one of their interfaces - the GX, UX1 or UX2. I already own a Pod XTLive, would be nice to be able to use that. If it's possible, does a Pod XTLive work as well as one of the interfaces? Thanks. Mark
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