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  1. Okay. Did the update today. Every thing works pretty fine now. Got the direct out signal while the amp is in standby and LVMO. Thanks to You all guys! Can´t say anything good about the line6 support. the support ticket is open for eight days now. No reply! :(
  2. waiting six days for an answer of line6. The ticket is still in status open... :(
  3. Sure, I´ll post back! It would be great if You could call them as a native english speaker! :-)
  4. yes, I opened a ticket. Waiting for answer! Thanks Brazzy!
  5. I just unboxed the DT50 combo again. no direct out signal when the amp is in standby and LVMO. :( my english is not so good, so I ask that again straight forward: Will the firmware update make the DT 50 scream in standby and LVMO? I didn´t use the midi stuff so far. I hope can make the update... Thanks for your patience
  6. Thanks for Your help! I guess I have to unbox the amp again to give it a try. is a firmware update easy to manage if have a firmware <2.0? have a nice day! (night in your case, i guess...)
  7. Hi guys, i wan´t to use the cabinet simulated direct out. What can I do to mute the speaker while using the CSDO? Only plugging in the XLR won´t help. Without muting the speaker the CSDO makes no sense to me. Is my DT50 broken or am I -hopefully- just dumb? help appreciated! from berlin/germany Olli
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