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  1. Hi all, Firtly, I do love my new Aplifi 150 but man it is so frustrating CONSTANTLY losing sync with the app. NOTE that it is only the app that loses sync, the iPad remains connected via bluetooth and music continues to stream from the iPad to the Aplifi no problem, it;s just the app constantly loses sync. I have updated the iPad to the latest ios 8.whatever. The app is up to date and I flashed the Amplifi firmware to V2.whatever at the weekend. Still the same problem, it won't stay connected for more than a few minutes then I have to turn bluetooth off and and again on the iPad and re-pair to the Amplifi. At best I get to play with the tone editor for a few minutes then lose sync, then I'm stuck until I repeat the whole re-pair process. When using via my iphone 5 it is much more stable, lasting 15 minutes plus, but with the iPad it is essentially useless. I've read through the forums over the weekend, seems it's a common issue? Any fixes yet? Thanks. Tony.
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