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  1. "Various bug fixes (including fixed functionality for opening tones shared on social media)" Where are tones being accessed via social media? I want to party with them. Also, any organization to the tone library would be appreciated, the whole 'search and pray' thing isn't working out for me so well.
  2. I haven't found anything...even a library of tones through Line 6's website that we can download onto the firehawk would be nice...locating and scrolling on a tablet is a bit cumbersome. I just wish there was more of an active community as far as the tone cloud is concerned, seems like it isn't quite catching on, it also sucks that we don't have access to these huge libraries that amplifi and podHD seem to have. I HAVE FAITH THOUGH.
  3. Looking to browse more tones without narrowing it down to a simple search via the firehawk remote. Are there other clouds via my computer or otherwise? Are Amplifi tones or Pod tones available to download? Just looking for a bigger library that i can sift through and play around with. Thanks, Joe
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