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  1. Did you have any luck with this setup? This is actually what I’m wanting to do. Run one of the new Victory preamps into the HX Stomp (Helix essentially) and use the cab sims or IRs to go direct out to FOH. Let me know if you had any success and if you had to do anything special. Thanks!
  2. Got a bit of a technical question here with connections. I bought the HX Stomp and I'm also interested in a preamp pedal. Essentially building a board for an amp-less setup. Having a preamp pedal on the board and using the HX cab sims or IRs. My question is connecting the two and output to FOH or powered speakers. I want to run the HX Stomp in 4CM too, which is where the confusion lies. Is it possible to even connect the HX Stomp and a preamp pedal in 4CM without using a cab? I've attached screenshots with the preamp connections. EDIT: Maybe I was thinking too much into this, but would this be the proper connection? Guitar > HX Stomp L Mono In HX Stomp Send > V4 Preamp In HX Stomp Return > V4 Preamp Effect Out HX Stomp Outputs to FOH In HX blocks, route the V4 Preamp before mod/delay/reverb ?? Thanks!
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