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  1. Hey I got a Vetta 1 with the FBV Longboard. Can I set up one of the expression pedals to produce a whammy effect?
  2. rjack2384

    HD500X I'm not liking my tone....

    I'll give that a try as well...thanks gents!
  3. rjack2384

    HD500X I'm not liking my tone....

    Thanks, I will try that. At this time I don't believe I can bypass the amp models on the vetta, but I will try the EQ method you suggested. The HD is set on Combo Front.
  4. rjack2384

    HD500X I'm not liking my tone....

    Ok, So I've had my HD500X for about 3 weeks now. My current amp is a Line 6 Vetta I Combo. When I got the HD500X, I took one channel on the vetta, grabbed a clean amp model, flattened out the eq so the bass, mid, treble and presence are at the middle. Then I hooked up my HD500X. My clean tones out of the HD sound really good, however I can't get a good crunchy or lead tone out of that thing to save my soul. It's like I have no "Beef" to the tone at all. It sounds tinny and weak. It sounds like a tiny Marshall combo practice amp you got in the 80's. I've eq'd the hell out of it and I have my first gig with my new band this Saturday. My goal is to eventually go direct to the PA with this, but if I can't get a good tone out of it with an amp, what's the point in keeping it? Help will be appreciated....
  5. rjack2384

    Worn out switches on longboard?

    I opened it up last night. The actual switch is soldered in, however I there is a website that sells Line 6 parts that has the top of the switch with a small spring. It's only a few bucks so I may go ahead and buy it and see if I can replace it myself. I have a shortboard controller with a backup amp I may have to program my shortboard with my current settings on my Vetta. I can't find any longboard info on the line 6 site, but the shortboard info is there.
  6. rjack2384

    Worn out switches on longboard?

    Hey new to this forum hope someone can help... I have a Longboard foot controller. My channel one switch is wearing out. I want to be able to change it out for one of the other switches on my board that I don't use. My question is: is there any soldering involved on replacing these switches, or is it as simple as using a crescent wrench? Any help will be appreciated.