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  1. asoulier99

    Buzz with amplifi 75

    After electric shutdown, and restart positions one by one, i discover that a pool of electric outlets, lights is involved in rootcause. I have to find the rootcause on one of this point : - 2 ceiling points in a room - 6 electric outlets - 3 garden lights - electric installation of garden house I need to find step by step which one doesn't work properly
  2. asoulier99

    Buzz with amplifi 75

    New trial and feedback of an electrician - trial in the neighbour's house 10 meter near mine : slight buzz - feedback of electrician : electromagnetic field of halogen spots or equipement dissipate after 1.5 meter, if buzz go on in all rooms it is probably not the rootcause. Considering advice of electrician, my ground loop would be ok, i have a resistance of 20 ohms if this one has not change since 2009. No high tension lines near houses Buzz even in garden if i used ground plug in wooden house dedicated to mower, kids games. This was very disturbing for electrician. I used no pedal or other connections except one define in my message and i have no dimmers ! This evening, i will try to shutdown electric installation and try to put on just one position. Put on position one after one to see impact on my amplifi.
  3. asoulier99

    Buzz with amplifi 75

    Yesterday, i went to another house. No problem with same set up. So, definitely, problem is linked to my house built in 2009. I guess a problem of ground terminal to upgrade or presence of several halogen light spots on electric circuit of house.(a test in a room of my house without halogen spots did Not vive improvement of situation) Do you know opportunities to solve this problem ? Alexandre
  4. asoulier99

    Buzz with amplifi 75

    hi, i went today try another amplifi with my guitar & instrument cable. No noise ! no need to use noise gate and compressor can be put at max. 3 options : - linked to my house - linked to amplifi - linked to alimentation cable of amplifi because today it wasn't the one given with amplifi. Think it was an alimentation cable of a basic computer. For my set up, just a fender startocaster 3 x micro single coils, instrument cable, amplifi. Set up of amp : Noise gate (50%) + tube screamer (or others) + Amp simulation If i use compressor it's worst of course. Alexandre
  5. asoulier99

    Buzz with amplifi 75

    Hello I play Fender Stratocaster 77 on Amplifi 75. (Before i used a Marshall VS 100R (no problem)) I hear a noise ("bzzzzz" like interferences) when i play, this noise doesn't change even if I put hand on chords. Using the Noise Gate helps to reduce noise, but i loose dynamic on play. Not a real solution. With some configurations of effect/amp, i have no real noise, but when i start to play i hear a slight bzz especially on 3 first chords Same things in différents rooms, house in new so no problem about electric installation. Depending on my position to amplifi, noise si attenuated or amplified. I Will change Jack but i don't think this is rootcause. Help !!
  6. Hi I can't use my new amplifi 75 switch on. After put my Ipad in bluetooth, when i click pairing button, nothing happened. Pairing button doesn't flash. Note : when i switch on amplifi, no light around volume button. Hopping installation of firmware could correct bug, I tried to install firmware via Macbook + USB connection but it's not possible : it requires PC with special version of windows (i have NT Version) Other solution or should i ask for repayment ? thanks alexandre