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  1. Hello, I have a Spider IV 120 and I was wondering if I am just not understanding something about the presets. I just got this amp so I was scrolling through all the presets using the 4 way navigation button and preset dial. Here is what happens. Every time I change from one preset to another the volume is initially is much louder than the analog volume setting, in fact, it is essentially at maximum volume when changing settings. After about 5 seconds on the new preset, the volume drops, in some cases to an inaudible level. The volume drops after the digital display "catches up" and renders the new EQ settings of the preset I am using. What I am having to do is when I turn to a new preset, I have to drop the volume knob on my guitar as to not blow the doors off the house and then once the volume drops (I guess to the preset setting), raise the volume on the guitar. It seems to be a latency issue of some sort on the programming possibly. It causes constant fiddling of the volume knob on my guitar while playing and changing presets. I literally just got this amp last night so I have yet to really fool with programming the 4 channels (and I am still waiting on my pedal to be delivered from Musicians Friend). Potentially this is only a result of using the manual dial and somewhat innocuous in terms of how this amp will be used when legitimately playing gigs and changing channels. My concern is that there will be inconsistent volume dropping when going from a rhythm type effect channel to a lead channel in live shows. I bought this amp so I could ditch my Fender Blues DeVille and bank of pedals I use with that rig, but so far... this seems far more complex! Is there something I am not getting yet about this amp and all its on board effects? I am a total newbie with Line 6 products. I have read the manuals but didn't really see anything that described the particular issue I am having, which again, isn't just a difference between the preset volume level settings, but an actual latency on the volume adjustment when a new selection is made. The volume increase and then decrease when manually moving to a new effect. My hope is that when I use the pedal banks there is seamless transitions from volumes, and maybe that will be the case. Thanks in advance.
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