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  1. I live in Canada. I tried to contact via phone or support ticket and it says it's not available in my area and that i have to contact the store where i bought it from. They sent a message to their distributor rep who was to contact Line 6 tech. Too many steps and never heard back from anyone. That's why I tried here. I'm aware Line 6 experts are not employed by Line 6. Thank you
  2. Without no replies from anyone with the same problem I just wanted to add i did a complete factory reset on my HTC One M8 with the intention of resolving the bluetooth drops and it's still the same bringing me to the final conclusion that amplifi TT is still not stable for android 100%. It would be nice to hear from others or any of the Line 6 experts but looks like I will be returning this. Thank you all for the short experience with Line 6.
  3. So I finally had enough of those annoying Bluetooth cutting out glitches and exchanged my TT for another one thinking I had a bad unit. Installed the new firmware. Installed a brand new amplifi remote app. Bluetooth syncing sucessfull. I tried just streaming music only from various sources. Purchased songs. Ripped songs. Songs I created etc. They all glitch for split seconds mostly after 30 seconds of playing till the end. I tried so many different songs. Tried them all along with playing guitar and same result. weather it's music in the sd card or straight from the device storage...same result I'm streaming music from my android HTC One M8 (yes, it's one of the compatible devices on Line 6 list). I even went as far as uninstalling my security app on my device thinking it was causing the pauses. Device is about 3 feet from the TT unit. No other interferance. I then installed amplifi remote app on my wife's iPhone 6 (pre- ios9 update) and played a purchased song from iTunes. No glitches. Line 6 says it's compatible with android but i don't think it's stable. Frustrating and got no straight answer from the store I bought it from (Canada). Would really appreciate an answer from a line 6 expert. Don't want to keep this amplifi TT if it doesn't perform like it's advertized. Thank you for listening and hope for a reply
  4. Streaming from my android "music" stock app on my HTC One M8. I've tried different stereos. Keep away from other electronics. reinstalled the app and still cutting off. Even if I just stream a song without playing along it cuts off.
  5. Purchased a couple days ago the amplifi TT. Updated to the latest firmware. Everytime I play a song from my library along with guitar playing the song cuts out several times for split seconds. Anyone experiencing this? Should I exchange it or is there a fix? Thanks
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