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  1. This was a refurbished unit from Sweetwater (90 day warranty). That means that this product had already broken once, been sent back, fixed and fully checked out, then broke again 3 hours of use later. Not only does that say a lot about the quality of this unit, but it also means that line 6 will not cover it. They only have a "warranty ticket" program. No support phone number or any way to explain to someone that there was only about 3 hours on this unit. Poor product, poor support structure. Even if I could get another one, would I really want to? I'll just wait until another company with better support comes out with a similar product that actually works. I'm happy for you if you are lucky enough to have one that works, just don't use it with active electronics as you are rolling the dice. By the way, I have a ridiculous amount of studio and live sound gear. 12 high end basses, 10 mid to high end guitars. Large outdoor PA rig with sound, stage and lights, vibes, person, 4 drum kits etc. 2 boutique guitar amps, 2 60's fender gtr amps, vintage ac30. Full 3 room isolated recording studio with mid and high end mics/Pres/converters etc. Full mobile recording rig based around a soundcraft performer. Easily around 200,000 worth of gear. I tell you this to let you know my wealth of experience with all sorts of gear. I have bought, sold and used more gear than most folks ever even see. I thought I would give this a try as I have a few line 6 g50's that have worked well. This unit was just rushed to market without proper testing. Read around on other forums, lots of users having issues. With no way of talking to a human for products that crap out, I will be skipping anything line 6 in the future. I am out the money I spent on this unit, and line 6 will not fool me again. I have never dealt with a company that doesn't allow you to speak to someone when you have an issue like mine. I just want to make people aware of my situation so they don't make the same mistake I did and buy this with no support
  2. I have used this unit for a total of maybe 3 hours. It no longer works. I normally have used it in the living room to just noodle for a few minutes here and there on a p bass. I have a full studio downstairs, and multiple g50 systems for gigging. This was just intended for home use outside of my studio. I have had it since august 15th, but didn't even plug it in until mid september when I set it up in the living room. worked fine the 15 or so times I used it. I had come back from a gig so my active jazz bass was in the living room, so I plugged it in to the g10 and played for about 10 minutes. Didn't notice any issues. a couple days later I went to use it and there was no light on the transmitter, and it was not working. Plugged it back into the receiver. Receiver flashes red, nothing on the transmitter. No signal, just dead. I left it plugged in overnight, still no light and does no work. This thing is trash now. I have read elsewhere about active instruments bricking these things, so it is not a unique thing. As I bought it august 10th, it is out of the 3 months warranty. Now I know why the warranty is so short. I tried the support ticket thing, but that looks to be a waste of time as it is out of the 3 months. I guess all I can do now is hit all the forums to warn people to stay away from this product. They should really tell you not to use it with active instruments, and is an obvious design flaw or faulty unit. Buyer beware, I will no longer be purchasing LIne 6 gear. If they had a way to contact them and replace the unit it would be one thing, but I see no contact info for standing behind their product if it is over 3 months. Pretty sad 3 hours of use and now I have a hundred dollar boat anchor.
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