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  1. After reading/hearing about this all day from multiple individuals, my head is swimming a bit. Basically, I need to buy an amp (currently playing through old mono output power mixer and passive EV speakers) and was looking at several Fender amps. Some have told me amps without an effects loop input and output will not work/sound horrible with either the FX100 or the Firehawk, while others have said it wouldn't matter. Basically, I would like to have a native, clean and classic Fender sound but be able to play with all of the different cabs, amps, and effects contained in the two mod units as well. Are these two mutually exclusive things without an effects loop built in (e.g. Fender SuperChamp X2 or Blues Jr. III)? If so, which amps should I be looking at instead? Then someone else told me to plug FX100 or Firehawk directly into powered speakers such as EV makes but it seems weird to not have a guitar amp when I play as much as I do...Any help is appreciated very much!,,
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