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  1. hi guru, thanks for you answer. but thats not exactly what i meant. i don't need the power for the other m5 (this device needs much more power than a midi power supply can give). normally the midi out of a keybard or a midi expander has a power supply with one of the pins of the midi connector. that means that you can connect for example a midi thru or a midi merge box whithout extra power supply. if you want to connect a midi merge box to an output which has not that feature, you have to buy one with extra power supply. (normally this is much more expensive and i want to save money)
  2. Is there a midi power supply by the m5?
  3. i have two m5 in line. the relevant midi program change signal comes from my effect looper pedal and goes to the midi in of the first m5. the midi out from the first m5 goes to midi in of the second. when i step on the looper, the first m5 gets the signal and changes his preset. but the second m5 does nothing (because the program change message is not thru). here i want the second m5 to change his preset too. ( when i step the first m5 to change the preset, everything is fine, the second m5 reacts as expected and changes his preset too. it is also possible to make a sync tap on the fist m5 and the second m5 synchronizes ). to solve my problem, one idea is to use a thru box after the looper and then merge the signal from the loopers thru and the out of the first m5 into the second m5's in. but this solution costs between 140 and 300 euro. is there a cheaper or more simple way to do what i want to do? greez & thanx
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