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  1. Hi, Yes only used the line 6 power supply. I've emailed GAK today thats who I purchased it from at the start of October. Thanks
  2. Hi, The power on the charger holds on until I I switch on the stomp, then all I get is a brief flash on the screen and it switches off. Anyone know if its just the charger or do I have more upsetting problem with my stomp? thanks
  3. Ok self solved. After much ado, I simply reinstalled all drivers doing the audient drivers as the last install and all solved. Replying to myself in case its helpful to anyone reading.
  4. Hiya, I just switched from a Komplete Audio 6 to a iD4 on my windows 10 PC. When running Podfarm 2 I get a repeating distorted flutter I'm using the asio4all v2 driver? Thanks I'm a bit stuck!
  5. Just wanted to say thanks, I play mostly acoustic and in the course of this morning have been able to learned how to set them up, get the IR's for my tenor, mandolin & acoustic....now banjo IR's there is a niche market.......I'm basically going IR (sigma 3), mic pre, para (a pedal which I actually used for years) and then comp....Peter Hamm! lovn your work! Endless fine tuning awaits..... Thanks again all!
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