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  1. Hello to all of you hundreds who's interesting… :P A few updates, 1. I manage to fix the octave problems, the paddle is still upside down but I can live with it The only thing left, is the sound, when the paddle is off it’s a great sound, but when the paddle is on its sound like a sick computer :P & I couldn't find a way to adjust the sound only when the paddle is on. 2. I found another patch, made by Luis, Profile: https://plus.google.com/b/102885363763949304900/101864647467027801923/posts?pageId=102885363763949304900 Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gab80BrfIuo But that patch also sound bad on my gear, after a few chats with Luis (really awesome guy!), he said the sound made for a speaker & not for amp. The 2 files attached, hope some 1 can make some adjustment for it to sound better. Adam. Marooned.l6t Marooned-Luis.l6t
  2. Hello all, I'v download the pink floyd marooned patch from here to my X3L. Its sound great on my strat / fender blues junior iii, but it doesn't have the wah effect. After reading a few guides, I try to customize it (I'm a newbie) with no luck. 1st problem, is the sound when the padel is on – sound like a computer. 2nd problem is the tone, I can't tune it in the correct octave. 3rd problem is the wah setting, I like it to behave the other way around. the file is attached. Really hope some1 can customize it for me & others. I search the entire network, & there is no patch with wah effect for X3L, only for HD500. I'm dying to play this song. Help will be appreciated! Adam. Marooned.l6t
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