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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I was able to find a tone that's working for me. I should have mentioned, I use a pretty specific setting on my DS-1: tone nearly all the way down and drive at 12 o'clock. That's the sound I was looking to model. I was able to get pretty close using the Classic Distortion model with the Filter parameter at 100% and the treble around 40%. I'm running that into the AC30TB model and it sounds great.
  2. I'm a brand new HD500X user, and I'm looking to re-create a pretty specific tone. Looking for the sound of a Boss DS-1 into a Vox amp with light gain. Obviously the Vox amp part is pretty straightforward, but I haven't found a distortion model that sounds anything like the DS-1. I'm open to any signal path, even another amp model that has the right tone... Obviously, I could just put a DS-1 in the FX loop, but I'm trying to avoid that if possible. Thanks!
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