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  1. Thanks for the response. I do occasionally notice drop outs (I've got a belt pack linked to my bass so noticeable when it happens). I'll give it a go putting more distance between the receivers to see if that makes a different. It just seemed a bit strange that it was two specific receivers that seem to have the problem regardless of what channels they were on.
  2. We've got a strange issue with interference. We've got 4 receivers stacked on top of one another. The top and bottom one seem to suffer some sort of interference indicated by one or two of the receiver lights going red whilst transmitter is switched off. It doesn't seem to be to do with the channels, if you swap the channels with the middle two that seem ok, it's still the top and bottom one that suffer. Any thoughts - is it likely to be faulty units? Or related to RF1, RF2 modes (not sure which they are in - any way to tell?).
  3. After a bit of experimentation it seems that the instructions for how to do the change are wrong - following them only shows the current status. To change you need to switch the microphone on and then press select and whilst holding select press and hold the power button. It'll then switch modes - at least it worked for me. Pretty poor that product support don't seem to know about this.
  4. Hi globalnation - are you UK based? Just wondering if it's part of the same batch. Line 6 have responded to my support ticket by just saying the unit must be faulty. Given it's the second one and you've also got 2 units I'm guessing it must be part of the same batch. My initial handset (which was ordered at the same time but received sooner as I think the shop were waiting for more units) works so I think that must have been part of a separate batch. On another track I've got another forum post about switch to RF modes. Do you know if yours are able to switch using the advised procedure? (http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/live-sound/relay-digital-wireless/rf1rf2-mode-switching-frequencies-r130)
  5. I've bought 2 XD-V35L and 2 XD-V35 (Handhelds). The 2 handhelds came with notes in the box saying that the transmitters were RF-2 ones and if used where RF-1 was being used there would be interference. We do seem to have some interference with signal drop outs on the XD-V35L. I've tried to switch the THH06 to RF1 mode following the support instructions but it doesn't seem to work. When you switch on whilst holding the Select button the 2 led flashes 3 times - it never seems to switch to 1. Any help appreciated.
  6. Anyone having any issues with battery drain on the THH06 transmitter? I bought 2 units and one seems fine, the other doesn't seem to switch off properly (although it looks like it does). Battery drains in about 8 hours even when switched off. I had it replaced by the shop but the second one seems to be the same. Anyone got any thoughts? I've raised a support ticket with Line 6 a week ago but haven't had any response.
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