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  1. I mostly play blues material right now but I also love playing hard rock and metal and have guitars tuned to drop C but that's about as low as I go. Majority of the time I'm just playing in my room and the occasional jam sessions with friends is in a basement or garage so I don't have a lot of area to cover. The reason I specified the L3M is because there's a local Craigslisting for one with a real good price, but I would pay more for the better sounding speaker for the way I intend on using it.
  2. Wondering what the difference is between these types of speakers? I'm looking into purchasing a Helix and am trying to decide what type of speaker I want to output to. I don't gig, just jam with friends and mainly play at home but I want to hear the same sound out of these speakers when I'm playing loud as I hear in headphones or when recording direct. Oh also I'll just be using electric guitars through this setup. Are there big differences in how these compare in sound/feel or is it more about just the PA vs Cab look?
  3. basudz

    Firehawk questions in an effects loop

    I'm just a bedroom hobby player and won't be playing out or gigging with this setup, and I'm not into recording. I'm fairly new at playing guitar (only a couple years) and am not wanting to build an extensive pedal board or anything either. I like playing a bunch of different kinds of songs, while working on my technique, and just want to plug in, select a patch, turn on youtube or a song on my phone/tablet, and jam away for a couple hours. Plain and simple really. I was looking at the Firehawk as sort of an all inclusive solution that would provide good quality sounding patches, easy to find patches to use or start with from the mobile app community, and a basic set of useful effects to work with. It seems to have everything I'm looking for and am just trying to figure out what to do about outputting the sound.
  4. basudz

    Firehawk questions in an effects loop

    Alright, that makes sense. Then is there really any difference using a Tech 21 Power Engine compared to any old amp with a send/return loop? Except for the speaker differences that is.
  5. I'm looking into getting a Firehawk FX but am a little confused about a few things. If I use this with an amp in the effects loop, it bypasses the amp's preamp so effectively the amp at that point is just a power amp correct? I've read that in this setup you don't set an amp in the Firehawk, which is what I'm confused about. Wouldn't that be when you wanted to use an amp in the Firehawk? If I want the characteristics of the amp sim that is. Also, if I went with this setup with an amp that had a power attenuator on it, would the attenuator still work in this setup? I'm not real familiar with how the built in attenuator switches work on amps. And lastly, is going with this setup the same has using a Firehawk FX with something like a Tech 21 Power Engine? Or would the T21 sound better?
  6. basudz

    JTV89F and Firehawk into L2M or DT25?

    Is there any advantage to the L2M over other monitors like an Alto ts112a?
  7. I'm in the process of putting together a Firehawk rig and have a JTV 89F to plug into it. I'm trying to decide if I should go with a DT25 or an L2M for the output. Right now I'm just a bedroom player that occasionally plays with another guitar player to backing tracks. This setup is mostly going to be used for metal. I play all types of metal and am constantly changing tunings and amp settings which is very cumbersome with multiple guitars and changing amp settings every song. I want to be able to put all of this into patches that I can just switch with a button. So I've decided on the Firehawk over an HD500x for the simplicity. I like the mobile app aspect, the fast easy way to get tones, and I'm not a huge tone tweaker that will sit there on my computer for hours adding handfuls of effects to one patch for that perfect tone. Especially since most of what I'll be playing will be very high gain stuff. I like the idea of playing tracks from my tablet through the Firehawk, I don't need a looper (have a looper pedal already), and I really like the alternate colors for the stomps. Given that, I realize the Firehawk doesn't have any direct control over the DT25 so I'm wondering if that's a pointless option for this setup, and would an L2M work better since I'll have digital control over the amp and cabs?
  8. Hmm, better for palm muting perhaps, or just to retrofit into a floyd trem system?
  9. So do they make the import hard tail JTV-89 anymore? Is there actually any difference between the hard tail version and the floyd version other than the trem? Does one have updated parts / circuitry, or does the 89F have more capabilities in terms of sounds or performance? Or is the trem really the only difference?
  10. Thanks for the info! Sounds like the L2T would be the end goal once I get back into gigging but not necessary for now. Do you have any recommendations of cheaper FRFR's that I should look into?
  11. I'd like to find something a little more cost effective at the moment to learn on if there are cheaper but good solutions out there that will work fine with an HD500x. I'm very new to all of this and I'm not gigging at the moment, mostly just home play and friendly basement / garage jam sessions about once a month so I figure now is a good time to experiment in changing up my signal chain. I appreciate all the help and suggestions!
  12. Hmm that's interesting..so the only real difference between the models are the body / neck shapes, the pickups when in manual mode, and the model/tuning settings that they come with out of the box (which can all be changed with the software?) Are the names on the dials for the models and tunings able to be changed or are they hard coated on the dials?
  13. Thanks for the explanation. I don't need the whole tube amp driving the cabinet since I've always been more of a solid state guy anyway. And I would like full acoustic capabilities and to hear the same sound that the audience hears. So that being FRFR appears to be the solution for me based on that info. Is the Stage Source L series Line 6's FRFR solution? And is there any advantage to using one of those over a more generic brand FRFR? Better integration options or what not?
  14. Hey guys, I'm looking to make the switch to using a dream rig type setup and have a couple questions that I've been having a hard time finding proper information about. Firstly, other than the floyd, is there any difference between the 89 and the 89F ? I've read a couple places that the 89F has more higher gain settings, different tunings, etc, so I'd like to get it straight. Next, I'm pretty sure I'll go with an HD500x since their used prices fit well within my budget, but what I am not sure about and don't quite understand is the amp / speaker part of the chain. I see the "dream rig" is one of the DT series amps, but doesn't the HD500x handle amp and cab simulations? I've also read about getting some sort of FRFR pa speaker to connect directly to so that the tone after the pod isn't colored in any way. This is the part that I'm most confused about and trying to understand, that is what to use after the POD and why I should go one way or the other.
  15. Hey folks, I'm trying to decide which amp to change to and looking for information. I currently have a Spider IV 75 and I'm hobby player that plays in a room thats about 10x10, so not very big. On my Spider IV with the channel volume maxed out, I can run the master volume up to about 5 or 6. I love the sound and options of the Spider IV 75 but I'm looking for a bit more tone if that makes sense. I am considering a Valve MKII 112, or possibly a Vetta 2 but I'm wondering how the volume levels are on these? I don't want to be limited to a volume setting of 2 or less. I like all different kinds of metal and hard rock, and also love all different types of blues tones, especially a boost clean breakup. So given the choice, would either of these 2 amps suite my playing area and give me the better tone that I'm looking for? If yes to both, which is the preferred? Thanks for the suggestions!