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  1. Make sure you install the USB driver. Until I read the instructions and did this, it wouldn't connect properly with Windows 10. I downloaded the latest(?) PDF manual and followed the steps it indicated. The firmware updater then functioned correctly (but with annoyingly small font).
  2. I upgraded my Amplifi to the latest iOS app (via USB cable as recommended) and I couldn't get it to sync. It would crash while sync was happening and exit the app. Removing it and reinstalling seems to have fixed the problem. Disappointingly, the Windows 10(?) Amplifi updater doesn't scale it text properly, I've literally got to use a magnifying glass to see what's on the screen. The lack of support makes me think the Amplifi range is soon to be dead. It wouldn't surprise me if Yamaha released a new practise amp which is a combination of the Amplify and the EXCELLENT! thr-10.
  3. Like a good boy I updated the AmplifiTT's firmware, as well as the pedelboards. Every time I started the iOS Amplify app it would crash before synchronization had completed. I tried reverting the AmplifiTT to the previous version and the problem persisted. Deleted the iOS app and reinstalled, working so far... updated the AmplifiTT's firmware and so far everything is working fine. I think I'm loosing faith in Line 6 and the Amplifi range. Sure I'd love a Helix LT but after struggling with the AmplifiTT for a couple of years I'd think twice
  4. I get a similar screen, I can switch between the presets within each bank, but I believe the Amplifi Remote is downloading each tone as its selected? I've updated the Amplifi TT's firmware. I've yet to update the Shortboard MkII firmware. Once I've updated them both I'll report back. Thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks Usanavychiefret, Yeh, I should have read the manual. Feeling a bit stupid, since I'm normally so anal about doing that... I'm still confused by the whole Amplifi Remote tone bank thing. From what I'm reading the Amplifi TT only has one tone bank of memory, so I'm concluding that the Shortboard MkII uses its internal memory to provide the memory for 24-25 tone banks and loads the tones into the Amplifi as they are selected. What confuses me is the user selected tone bank, how does the Shortboard MkII access that? Looking forward to experimenting more and working this thing out!
  6. No I haven't updated the firmware. That's interesting, I'll try that over winter- thanks for suggesting!
  7. If I use the up and down buttons the display on the Shortboard MkII always comes back to presetbank 1. It momentarily shows a different preset-bank and then defaults back to presetbank 1. The Shortboard's A/B/C/D switches work as expected but Shortboard's UP and DOWN switches don't appear to do anything?
  8. Item 14 of the Amplifi TT manual says: 14. FBV Input - Plug in a Line 6 FBVTM Express or FBV Shortboard MkII here. The following functionality Is supported: • PresetABCDselect • TapTempoandTuner • Expressionpedalcontrolofassignedparameters • Turnindividualeffectsonandoffwithinapreset* • Accessandswitchbetween25built-inpresetbanks* * This functionality is only available with an FBV Shortboard MKII. I purchased the Shortboard MkII so that I could switch between the 25 tone banks. Other threads suggest that the Shortboard MkII can only switch between the 4 tones which are in the one bank on the Amplifi hardware. This suggests that the above excerpt from the AmplifiTT manual is incorrect?
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