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  1. Thanks for reply mmjjww. That all seems like sound advice. No pun intended. installing Gearbox to your suggested specs will be my project on return from a family wedding this weekend. My ‘ antique’ setup will be the Pod X 3 Pro linked to a lovely Red tremolo 700. Can’t wait to try some of those on line tones. Have to admit that I’m not sure how the Farm would be of use myself. Still I hate not being able to get bits of software running!
  2. Hi I would greatly appreciate if anybody could give me a little help on getting my Line 6 Pod X3 pro to play ball with pod farm. The installation seems to have gone smoothly except Pod Farm is saying no authorised device connected and yet it sees the X3 pro when I click on midi devices . I’m running Windows 10 but downloaded and installed fine under Windows 7. What confuses me is that the Pod 3 doesn’t even show in the drop down menu in the attached photo I feel as though I’m nearly there yet so far! The pod is authorised.
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