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  1. yes i checked it, i was able to eliminate the noise with a noise gate or hard gate, so i'm kinda happy now! now i have to get more realistic tones but it's a beginning! thank you very much for you help guys!
  2. yeah i checked if reaper was getting signal from the noise on the pod, and yeah, so it's not the amp it happens with high gain models, like uber pre for example, that's the only thing i'm using and the only way to get down that noise was getting the guitar in in 22 k, the higher k, the higher noise https://soundcloud.com/facundo-dattellis/test my question is how i have seen vids on youtube where they used this amp model and they get a cool sound without any noise
  3. Hi guys, i'm trying sending the 1/4 out to the master loop efect return on the valve, and it's still making a lot of noise, is it normal? I mean i am trying to use for example the bomber uber pre, just that, not any other effect or something, and it's making the same (or more) noise, than connecting the pod onto the front line, how is it that everybody on the recordings doesn't have any kind of noise? Also i set the pod to power amp combo but still a lot of noise thanks for your answers!
  4. well actually that 8080 is the only amp i have so i was hoping in using it with that, and i wanted to know the different ways to achieve what i want if i want the amps pre am, or the pod amp modeling, i know i can't have both at the same time, i just wanted to know how to setup things to achieve one or the other thanks
  5. Hi guys, my problem is the following I'm a new user of the pod hd500x, and I already own a valvestate 8080, and i wanted to know how do i need to connect things and setup the pod for the following: -Using the 8080 sound and just the effects (distortion, wah, delay) of the pod -Use the amp modeling and fx of the pod, so the amp would be used just as a speaker let's say -Use the pod with the usb cable to record on my computer and just monitor with the amp or headphones (I managed to do this but i get a lot of noise on my recordings, i don't understand why) I know a little bit about the 4cm but i read that with that one i would be using my amps sound and not the pod modeling so that wouldn't work for the second point. well i hope you can help me with that!
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