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  1. When using the looper on my line 6 m9 unit, I noticed that the playback volume is much lower than the volume I used when recording the first or subsequent loops. I have the loop “play†volume maxed out along with the overdue and hi & lo cut levels as well. The volume of the live guitar is much louder than the loop recording (again, even when set at max level). Having both at the same volume should be possible, but isn't. Also, tried running straight in m9 with nothing before or after, just an amp. Can anyone advise? My m9 unit is used. Could it just be faulty?
  2. I am attempting to reset the factory settings on my M9 unit. I am successful at getting the tap and the model select knob held down in the right sequence to get the "Reset to factory? Are you sure?" message. I then press the model select knob once more (as described in the manual) to proceed with the reset. However, I noticed that nothing changed after completing the rest. All of the settings where still where I had set them. I even played around with various settings a few times in between resets. Still came back with what I had set instead of what should have been different/original factory rests. My firmware version 2.04. Anyone had this happen before or know how to make the reset truly stick?
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