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  1. yes still having this problem I setup channel 'A' on the 'American Clean' voicing settings and run my distortion pedal on - on my pedal board with the Master Volume knob turned up to about a quarter way I get plenty of sustain and distortion for about an hour too but when I crank it up to halfway to play with a backing track it goes clean on me with less sustain very frustrating.
  2. Thanks for the support greatly appreciated, I am still learning about my DT50.
  3. Thank you for the info I played acoustic most of my life I've only been playing electric for about 2 years and my DT50 212 is my first tube amp. thank you for the specific info on the tubes I appreciate the support thanks!
  4. Thanks for your suggestion and encouragement, I will get a fan for my amp actually it does seem to feel really hot if I crank it up and play for a couple of hrs., could I ask you a question? you ever had to replace your tubes? I was doing some research on tubes in case I need to replace them at any stage in the future and discovered that there are loads of different brands at varying prices, top of the line on one site was priced at $119.00 each for preamp tubes I was wondering if they are like pc components - you get what you pay for?
  5. Can anyone help me please? I noticed that when my DT50 212 heats up like after an hour of practice I lose distortion/gain if I crank it up, I wondered if I have blown a tube so I took a look through the back and my power tubes are lit up but my preamp tubes (which are located behind the power tubes) aren't. does that mean they have blown? I am assuming so but this my first tube amp so I am in unfamiliar territory learning as I go and I desperately need to find out if I need to replace them or not so I can sort out the problem and get back to jamming.
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