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  1. Well...apparently the part is on back order with no date when I'll get the unit back after repair. Essentially it turned into "we'll let you know when it's done. Might be a few more weeks might be a few more months l just depends on when we can get the part." I have to say, I'm pretty disappointed. I had looked past some of Line6's poor quality in the past when I bought the G50 because it had such great reviews. But low and behold...not only was it faulty from (what I can tell) directly out of the box, but getting it fixed under warranty is a process with seemingly no end in sight. I'm a professional gigging musician and the crowd interaction that the wireless enabled was a part of my show. Regulars keep asking me why I'm using a chord and can't do my normal shenanigans and it's affecting the quality of entertainment. 5-10 business days was tolerable, but this is not. I'll be buying a Shure unit this week to replace the Relay and just selling it on ebay whenever it finally gets fixed. Sorry to end the thread so negatively, but I figured other users should understand the lackluster warranty service. -Robb
  2. I honestly can't remember perfectly...I think I first noticed it during the second show I used it on (within the first 5 hours of usage). But I can't say conclusively that it was like that out of the box or if it developed the issue shortly after. I just heard back from my local Line6 authorized repair facility and they confirmed that the main board needs to be replaced. The part is on order, and assuming it's not on back order I should have the system back in about 2 weeks. Only 5 shows between now and then :-/ Oh well, at least it's getting fixed.
  3. Okay, thanks very much. I have opened a ticket through my profile. Hopefully it's an easy fix. I do about ~100 shows per year and the wireless is a great tool for crowd interaction so hopefully I don't have to go long without it. Cheers, -Robb
  4. Using the G50 relay with bass guitar. Often (not always, to be honest) the signal will come in strong when I play a note but roll off very fast to be quiet, then sustain at a quiet level for a long time. If I switch to a cable it acts more typical with good long sustain with a slow roll off of signal. I have verified the quickly reducing signal with UV meters at my amplifier, DI, and mixer so it's not just my ear. Switching to cable does not have this issue. I use the factor power supply with brand new ProCell AAs every show. Cable simulator set pretty low, maybe like 10 ft or something. Same issue with it off. Sounds like there is a lot of compression or maybe a gate? Any thoughts? -Robb
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