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  1. I found this factory reset instructions under knowledge base-popular questions- AMPLIFi FX100: Press and hold the Master Volume knob and the TAP button as you power up the unit. Hope this helps X
  2. If you want to run an fx100 into a cab, you need an amp, or a pre-amp or power head in between. FX100 does not put out wattage high enough to power speakers by itself. ( with the exception of some low wattage speakers made for radios and such) When you get something to power your speakers, the main outs are your best bet. The amp out signal is so low it wont even register on a mixing board strong enough to be useful.
  3. Use the left main out (mono) to go to your guitar amp. The amp out jack's output signal is very low. So low if fact it is unuseable for going direct to a mixer board and out to a system, or to a low wattage guitar amp. The only way the amp out works is to bypass your guitar amp and go straight from amp out to a high wattage power amp like the ones used to power mains at a gig. I have a Crown XTI 4002 power amp (in stereo mode 4 ohms 1200 watts per channel minimum) set up for band practice with 2 left and 2 right Peavy 15's w/horns. (That will get the juices flowing) Or you can go stereo out from the FX100 mains into a power amp. Just keep the volume down a bit on the fx100 as to not harm the power amp..
  4. I have been using an ipad air for my amplify fx100 remote. Its been rendered useless by apple with their software upgrade. I am now using an android phone to control my board. I noticed there is a manual entry box for beats per minute on delay that is not present on my ios version of amplify remote delay bpm. Is there a way to fix this? Having to manually tap in a tempo for a specific bpm is a pain to get exact. attached photos are 2-android with edit bpm function (notice the pencil to the right of bpm) 1 ipad photo with no pencil icon for editing bpm
  5. They have our equipment registration info, they know our email addresses, but did they bother to contact us ahead if time to tell us not to let our iPads update automatically? NO!!! I am a working musician who's fx100 has just been rendered useless 1 day before a gig...(rest of rant edited out) ;-) sorry for the rant... I had been working for 2 hrs trying to figure out what happened before going online and reading tony's post. I don't monitor line 6 forums or posts. I have too much going on as it is. An announcement via email would have been nice compared to a post on a forum about the impending update by apple. I receive other emails from Line 6, why not something like this? Oh well, I was able to borrow an android phone to control my Amplifi fx100 until such time as a fix is developed but please...notify us by email when it is available! I don't think that is too much to ask..
  6. during edit mode when using my android to control fx100 there is a icon next to the BPM on the delay to manually enter the bpm . When I use the Ipad to control the fx100, this icon is not there and there is no way to enter bpm except to tap it in. Any suggestions as to why?
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