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  1. WoW! thank you so much. really is appreciated.
  2. Sorry i have updated my question....its a tubemeister 36 not the 18....i can switch it through TS but looking to control it through Midi....im very new to Midi controllers and trying to find my way around it. The tubemeister 36 has a learn button on the rear and ive tried getting the HX to send a signal but without success.
  3. Hi guys am loving the new HX but stuck.....im wanting to use the HX to switch channels on my Hughes and Kettner tubemeister 36(midi) and i think its a bit to techy for me....can anyone help or got a link that could point me in the right direction?
  4. Cool....will check it out and return...;-) thank you.
  5. Some days our bass player is unable to get to practise and with the versatility of the Helix i was thinking about running 2 signals in and out....1 bass and 1 electric guitar...has anyone done this before? and if so how did it sound? Cheers....
  6. Yeah the acoustic IR's are great and lift the sound...much brighter and have a great tone.
  7. Anyone else had to return their unit for repairs to the scribble strips....lines, flickering lights etc?...how long did you have to wait?
  8. So I have had my Helix for about 3 months and running it into an Atomic Reactor and find that a good budget option (AR paid £150). So I have recently installed all the IR's from 3 sigma Audio and Martin 45. OK here we go...if your thinking about IR's then I highly recommend 3 Sigma Audio as they gave a much brighter live sound in fact I was quite shocked how they transformed my whole sound. There are some real nice patches I’ve downloaded and added the IR's and just cannot believe the freshness they give. Although I’m only intermediate guitarist I love what these have given me for my sound. Anyone else tried these IR's and what do you think?
  9. Hi everyone...ive just took the leap and bought myself a Helix and just poking my nose into this forum to say hello. After buying the Helix i thought...'Why the hell didnt i do this sooner'....what a unit...only thing needed now is an FRFR speaker.....ooo the choices...lol
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