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  1. In reply to all you guys. This suggestion worked. The knob in question is metal, nothing else melted, goodness knows what hairdryers some of you use, like cruisinon I can dry mine with a single sheet of bog roll. I certainly don't need a welding torch. I do take the points, however. I just used the heat briefly and did no damage.
  2. Just a point to cruisinon, I just saw your comment. Yes warming up did the trick. As you know the knobs on the JTV-69 are metal and it warmed up real quick with the hairdryer and it seems the expansion or whatever makes removing it easier.
  3. Eureka, thanks again to you people. I used the suggestion from the Line 6 service centre to warm up the knob with a hairdryer and then employed two spoons carefully and bingo; the knob came off quite smoothly. Obviously tightening up the nut underneath is then a no-brainer and all is now snug and tight.
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. If it turns out there is a guitar tech within a sensible distance I will consult him. The Line 6 service centre for the UK is 3 hours drive from me so something of a pain to get to. I did speak to a guy there who suggested warming the knob up first with a hairdryer to make it come off easier. I will try as gently as I can to see if this works.
  5. The volume control knob on my JTV-69 is loose and I am told it should just pull off such that I can tighten it. This does not seem to be the case. It does not pull off. Occasionally if I catch it while playing I lose volume or get a crackle until I can settle it down. Has anyone else had this problem. If I take the scratch plate off I am faced with a maze of wiring so don't touch anything.
  6. Can anyone explain how to tighten the volume knob. I removed the scratch plate only to be faced with quite a complex array of wires etc and the fact that there is some sort of oblong metal box surrounding the pots. Fearing I might do more harm than good and that I could not see the but to tighten the pot against the scratch plate I retreated to a safe distance to get more information.