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  1. That did it, thank you. I spoke with Line 6 today and they did not mention that. They said I should upgrade the firmware. The dealership had no idea at all. It is exactly what I was expecting. Except louder! lol How sweet it is. Thanks again.
  2. Here is a picture of the setting to help clarify. -thanks Mike
  3. I purchased a Demo (like new) DT50, 212. Voicing 1, Ch A works in an odd manner. If every knob is on the off (or counter clockwise) position, except the volume. The amp is silent. Voicing 1/ch B and in all other voicings, it plays perfectly, but with the expected differences. If I increase the level of the drive knob, the volume comes up with distortion increases and the knob is rotated. That seems good so far, However, with the drive fully counter clockwise, if I increase the level on the bass knob, the overall volume begins to increase (from silent) but distorted at the exact level and rate as the drive knob, but with an ever increase bass tone as well. So to rephrase, the bass has to be on at some level to get any sound at all, but, the bass has drive distortion. with both the drive and bass on the channel is basically overdriven. It is impossible to get a clean tone on voicing 1, ch A My questions are, would a factory reset or firmware upgrade change that? Has anyone ever seen such a thing Thank you for taking the time to read this, Mike
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