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  1. Hey all. Hoping someone can shed some insight on this. I am using an M13 in the loop of my BadCat Lynx (I believe it's a passive loop). It works great and sounds quite good but it robs about 3dB of volume when it's inserted in the loop vs not (this is uniform whether fx are on or off). Has anyone experienced this and have any solutions?
  2. Thanks for your reply! Well, the same cables are used with my other 2 amps in 4CM with the Helix and no issues. What specifically should I be looking at in SEND/RETURN settings?
  3. Hey guys. Ho9ping someone can give me some insight on how to fix my problem. I'm using a Helix LT in 4CM with a bias rack as well as a DSL20CR and Bad Cat Lynx. I have it hooked up using "humbuster" cables as follows: Helix Send - Amp input Helix Return - Amp send Helix 1/4 Out - Amp return Guitar into helix "Guitar In" This is absolutely noise free on my DSL and Lynx but when I use the exact same set up with the Bias Rack it introduces a lot of buzzing. It seems dependant on the amp input as if I leave the helix in the loop and plug straight into the Bias Rack the buzz is gone. As soon as I add the helix in front of the Bias Rack the hum returns. I'm not sure why the same set up works flawlessly on the other 2 amps as everything is plugged into the same power conditioner and is even in the same spot pretty much. I even tried removing the ground from one side of the loop cables and it actually got worse Any ideas?
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