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  1. Im now playing with and enjoying my FX100. It took a bit of time to set up with me using an android device needing unit updates. The but bit is my tone matching searches. Before buying the FX100 I watched dozen's of you tube vid's which inspired me to put my hand in my pocket and spend some cash. The video's I watched implied (in my opinion)that the tone search/tone match,actually looked at the music track you were selecting,but Ive found the search is actually for the artist making the music,not the actual track Im selecting. All this really mean's is that Im going to add new playlist's to my android's music playlist,with the artist/band name missing to see if I can get the result's closer to the track's selected. At the moment Im not in love with the FX100,time will tell if I have a change of heart. I love the idea's implied from the video's Ive seen,but the reality doesnt do it for me. Just yet. Do any other FX100 owner's have any thought's similar to mine?
  2. I havent a clue as to whats happened above,it must be the line 6 gremlin's coming to get me! lol.
  3. Thank you Iknowathingortwo all is sorted now. After messing for seven hours with the FX100 it is now working. I tried it out for an hour or so,and think it's an interesting device with a lot of potential. Im now wondering how to name patches when I only have number's on the FX100? I have a Boss GT-100 which is so far a lot easier to suss out. I can name patches easily on that and quickly recall them as needed. The thought's on the naming is so I can take the unit out and about without taking my tablet. Early day's yet,so any thought's or idea's appreciated.
  4. I bought myself a new FX100 yesterday (guitarguitar, Newcastle UK) and then bought a new android device too. I plugged in this morning for the first time. First problem. The bank up doesnt operate? Im stuck in bank 1. I cant select any other bank? Is my device faulty,or am I doing something wrong?? Problem two. I cant get the android to do what I hoped it would do. I have it showing connected with bluetooth but it's doing nothing. Im presently trying to do some sort of upload to the android device to see if I can get it working,so we'll see how it goes if and when the upload finishes. The main issue is the first problem. Do I have a sub standard unit that is faulty? Suggestion's greatly received. Thank you. Brett
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