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  1. Hi, I'm trying to decide which iOS based guitar interface to buy. There seem to be a few at the same price point but this is new territory, so I'd appreciate some advice please! The primary use case for me is to allow for headphone based practice sessions, with a combination of different virtual amps/pedals, and I understand that the Sonic Port (original) and competitors all do this well in conjunction with an iphone / ipad. So to decide between them, I wonder if it's possible to do a couple of other things: 1) I have a couple of amps. My Fender Blues Jr is my primary one; it sounds great but has some limitations in that it has no AUX in and no Headphone out. The Sonic Port would fix the headphone problem, but would I be able to connect the SP / iphone to my Blues Jr so that I can play itunes tracks etc through the amp? The SP would in this case have to be acting as a pass-through I guess, so that NO virtual effects are in play. If it can do this I could sell my other modelling amp and just keep the Blues Jr and SP combination... 2) Conversely, when connected to the Blues Jr, I'd be interested in using the SP to add additional FX, like a virtual chorus pedal, to the otherwise untainted sound of the Blues Jr...can I do this? 3) The SP should be great for travelling - but can I hook it up to speakers? For example, if I'm at a friends house, will I be able to connect the SP into a receiver / amp of a HiFi system? Or maybe a Bluetooth speaker (not through bluetooth, but through some sort of cable connection)? Sorry if these are mad or ignorant questions, I've never used this sort of thing before.. I appreciate any help that you might be able to offer!
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