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  1. Vetta125

    Vetta II 2.03 and 2.5 firmware download

    Vetta I or Vetta II 2.5 stock firmware in .syx format is here for you now. Email me at vetta125@comcast.net for the file and if you need help loading it. I wont charge you for the repair such as a service center would... as an option suggested by line6. Finally, play your amp instead of just staring at it or using it as a coffee table! LOL!!
  2. Vetta125

    Vetta and Shortboard problem

    You also may need to check the metal prongs inside the rj45 jack on the floorboard and on the amp and see if they are all straight and not mashed down or crossing over into each other. After time they get bent and sometimes dont connect or line up properly with the cable you are inserting. Be careful, because the prongs only bend so many times before they break. But, good news is the jack is available and replaceable. Attached file is how it should look. Good luck