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  1. Well i can't tell you how glad i am !! :D Ok so there is nothing i have to be worried about, good to know. Done already all the factory reset and calibration, besides i had done nothign yet with it. 40 mins for a bluetooth update??? for let than 1 MB of firmware, wow...now that's slow! I seriously hope that there will not be another update in years ( of course because everything will work perfectly fine ) :D By the way, i had a chance to test teh FX100 under Linux as a audio device and it works pretty well, also i was able to use it under Jackd and record with Ardour3 a half a minute of playing at 48KHz sample rate without any noticeable latency. So now i can choose if use it directly or through the other audio interface i have ( which has 96KHz sampling ). That of course the day i will be able to use the FX 100 fully.
  2. Just a last question.. now everything seem to be working fine, just for a test i tried to put the device in update mode, and something funny happened: i pressed both a and c while powering up but instead of having the 00 on the little numeric screen i got the buttons from a to d lit steady. The update utility could read the version from the device correctly anyway, i'm now wondering if this is expected or if i should be worried that something didin't go exactly right.
  3. Too quick to judge, look that my cheap android phone is not so good, as soon as i used a samsung tablet everything fell into place and now everything works perfectly, so no more excuses, next time something sounds bad.. it's my bad guitar playing
  4. So, evening ( for me ) update, I was able finally to perform the update on the device, which now is a proud version 2.10 device. Final solution... installed a VM with windows 8.1 ( again no question on where i found it... but it lasted less than 1 hour) and the utility magically worked. So now my android device works partially with the FX 100. I say partially because it seems that some functionality are not available , like the tuner icon in the amplifi remote main menu is greyed out so i cannot use it the level icon is in the same condition and right under tone search i have a grey AMPLIFI icon with "none" written below. removed and reinstalled the app but i seem not to be lucky enough. Nice uh? Is a minimum bluetooth protocol version revision needed? because depending on teh devie some have bluetooth v 2.0 or 3. 0 or 4.0, if particularly unlucky there can be 1.0 , 1.0b , 1.1 or 1.2 which is very unlikely that will ever work with anything else than few headsets. should i open a new topic for that?
  5. So far i tried win 7 64 bit on laptop win 7 32 bit on a vm and did an installation on a old harddrive of win 7 64 bit on an old desktop machine ( not a word about licenses :rolleyes: ...) all same result. it's getting annoying.. Yes italian in my native tongue
  6. Yes, i read the announcement about the new driver, definetely makes sense using it since it should better support the device. Also agree that it shouldn't affect the update process since it deals with different parts, unless there are system locks in place that prevent accessing the device as both audio interface and usb device, but i'm really just guessing at this point with no evidence at all As probably you have noticed from my english I've moved from Italy to UK so the number of people i know are very few, plus, i work in a all-linux-os environment so there's no chance to put my hands on a Win 8 laptop, my current laptop had win 7 on it originally and it never booted once since i formatted the drive as soon as i got it :D
  7. With driver 1.53 it had a category of its own and icon similar to network devices. When i installed 1.64 it then moved under audio devices. So i assume that different driver revision may affect the update process since it changes the way it's recognized by the system, only question is , which is the correct one?
  8. Yes sometimes it just happen :D , but don't worry it's just one time only. There is no flash from file option, that's why i don't understand the availability of the firmware in the Download section, Which would have been the less complex ( and less prone to errors, in my opinon ) solution instead of the fancy download stuff.. Anyway, let's change to something technical, I've tried updating the driver software from version 1.53 ( that comes with the utility ) to 1.64 from the website to see if i had any luck, but unfortunately my luck is on vacation probably..same result , no update done.
  9. yes, that's probably why , although i wonder why let people download the firmware directly from the web site if you can't use it in any way? Also yesterday i opened a ticket about that , so i hope i can get this thing working soon.
  10. I agree unless many could use other OS like Win 8 or the ipad so they just fixed their problem and forgot. Frustrating indeed. But enough complaining, i tried to use the usbupdater.exe from command line, here's the result ( it didn't work): c:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility>USBUpdater.exe -version P27 Trying to load module : C:\ProgramData\Line 6\Interposer\Interposer.dll Communication pipe to device vid 0xe41, pid 0x5062 opened Device vid 0xe41, pid 0x5062 supports USB control packet interface UUE IOStream opened, fwVersion = 1.00.0 (0x01000000) c:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility>USBUpdater.exe P27 ToneMatchFloor21000.tm f Trying to load module : C:\ProgramData\Line 6\Interposer\Interposer.dll Communication pipe to device vid 0xe41, pid 0x5062 opened Device vid 0xe41, pid 0x5062 supports USB control packet interface UUE IOStream opened, fwVersion = 1.00.0 (0x01000000) Caught L6UUE::std::exception: Invalid file format! I downloaded the firmware manually from the Line6 website ( filename: ToneMatchFloor21000.tmf ) and i received a nice "Caught L6UUE::std::exception: Invalid file format!" how is that possible???
  11. Hi Triryche, no not succedeed ...yet, and before anything else, yes i put the fx100 in update mode It appears to me that that USBUpdater.exe just does that and that's it, but i would be more willing to try if someone at Line6 would officially confirm this besides that coudl result in a valida alternative for running updates, even if i'd rathere have a Linux one. Of course you're probably right about the unit leaving the factory long before the updates, but after the night i had i just had to vent a little bit :) So on my wife's win7 64 bit it just says read/write error when it should start the updating process, since there's no debug option i can't really say more about that, but it probably can read correctly since it retrieves the firmware version from the device. I just need to do that and submit a support ticket , from what i read around here i thought that the win 7 64 bit was not working in general not for just a few. In that case it could help knowing which updates are installed (or not ) on the OS. I had brownies, what better than chocolate and sugar to get through a hard night? :lol:
  12. So, i've finally received my FX100, open up and try to connect with my android phone but it complained about the firmware version being old and not supporting android devices. Well, kinda expected that, so went on to download the needed software to make The Update (notice the capitals... ). Read all the correct procedure on the forum did a factory reset before beginning the updte , just to make sure then installed the pc utility on my wife's laptop ( win 7 64 bit ) but started getting an error that couldn't read/write on usb and to check the cable ( ? ) After a few hours of pointless efforts i got to the following conclusions: -The pc utility for flashing the firmware doesn't work with win 7 64 bit ( reported in this forum already ) -The solutions are usually use windows 8 or get an ipad ( none of which i fancy ) -I bought this unit 4 day ago ( 30 may 2015 ) and the updated firmware supporting android was shipped on October 2014, i would expect any new unit sold a reasonble amount of time after that to have if not the latest at least not v 1.00. -I've wasted a whole evening - Started stress eating.. Now, where's the hammer?... oops no sorry i meant alternative solution.. I have no other OSes on bare metal other than Linux ( which i use actively for everything included recording) Android or that lonely Win 7 64 bit , but i'm wondering, would that work on a 32 bit virtual machine? I almost asnwered that myself, that is, i installed a win 7 32 bit VM with virtualbox on Linux and installed the updater on that as well, double clicked to open it and,... it failed because of OpenGL libraries missing ( a VM doesn't have 3D support or direct3d support and it's quite unstable even if set up ). BUT as stubborn as i am ( and having enough food to keep on stress eating,.. ) i started looking in the update utility directory and found a nice executable called USBUPDATE(something).exe which appears to be a command line tool to do the job. I tried to see if it could read the installed version on the device before trying an update and it returned me the current version of my FX 100 ( or P27 as the utility calls it ). now all is good and well but, ( always a abut.. ) i've downloaded from the Line6 site the latest firmware, my questions are: Is that actually the only operation that the installer does on the device through USB or there is more than that ( not considering downloading the latest firmware and all the graphiky stuff ) Would that be a valid solution for my problem? **** LAST COMMENT **** If someone knows that windows 7 64 bit is not working correctly with the updater, it doesn't matter if there win 8 or ipad or else , that's a bug and bugs must be fixed ( especially after minimum 4 months of knowing it.. ) Thank you all very much. Luca
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