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  1. Wow, more answers in 20 minutes than over a week of back and forth with Customer Service. I should have come here in the first place. psarkissian that's all I was looking for was a better explanation of the issue, thank you. As opposed to shipping the guitar all the way to CA, I will go to a local shop to get the setup done.
  2. JTV-69 Korean made I purchased the guitar used. After playing it, I noticed the high e string slips of the edge of the neck. I figured it was just me playing sloppy. Then when playing higher up on the neck it was worse, so I looked at the guitar straight on. Up by the nut the strings are well centered on the neck. As you get closer to the bridge the gap between edge of neck on the Low E gets bigger, and the gap between edge of neck and the high e gets smaller. It is to the point of the high e string being right at the edge of the neck. At first, I thought the neck was bad, but then noticed the strings are shifted over the pickup poles as well. So, the 2 bridge mounting points are likely not in the correct location, but shifted causing the strings to be off center the closer the strings get to the bridge. I attached numerous pictures to show the issue. I am not getting anywhere with Line 6 Customer Service on the ticket i opened. Just canned responses and saying they spoke to the tech and a guitar setup will fix the issue. Please advise if anyone has seen this before and how I can possibly resolve? Thanks, Jamie
  3. Some guys in another post recommended the following and it works: Build a custom guitar on the Variax, supposedly body type and pickups do not matter. Set Mags to 100% this forces the guitar to use the mags. With that and your special custom Variax model chosen on the "Preset Variax Model" parameter also under snapshot control, choose your custom model for that snapshot I tried using an acoustic model on 1 snapshot and my custom model using mags only on another snapshot and it works (just make sure you do the hold down and twist so the brackets [ ] show up like when switching other parameters in the same patch). Link: https://line6.com/support/topic/26116-snapshots-switching-between-variax-mags-and-models/
  4. As I understand the noise gate is a universal effect (through setup menu) and a separate effect (in the distortion effect category by the EQ's). I believe the universal gate is engaged at all times, but I do not use the universal gate on my pedal. From the M5 Pilot's Handbook: Gate Think of the Gate as a special additional pedal that applies to each preset. There is no footswitch control for this effect so only use it when you always want the gate engaged. This is handy for taming some of the wilder distortion and fuzz effects or use it to eliminate the hum you get from a guitar equipped with single coils. Your top right PARAMETER KNOB sets the THRESHOLD and your bottom right PARAMETER KNOB sets the DECAY of this effect.
  5. I am interested in getting an M5. From reading this and other places I understand that the Noise Gate needs to be set for every preset. On my tube amp and the 2 gain channels are a little hissy/noisy. To quiet this, every preset on my current multi effects pedal has the noise gate on. Seems the M5 functions a little differently. Since I can not change presets with one button press (need to hit both buttons, cycle up down to preset, hit both buttons) my question is: If the noise gate is set to be used on a preset but the effect is turned off for that preset (on/off button), is the noise gate still engaged? Here is a specific example: Preset 2, Noise Gate is set, Chorus Effect is chosen for this preset, saved etc. I have selected Preset 2 and have the Chorus Effect On (Chorus Effect is Active, Noise Gate is Active) I hit the On/Off, Chorus Effect is Off (Chorus Effect is Inactive, Noise Gate is still Active) I hit the On/Off, Chorus Effect is On (Chorus Effect is Active, Noise Gate is Active) If the above is not true, then this pedal would be rather useless for my specific application and I will need to look elsewhere.
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