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    Spider iii - information from serial number

    PS Question: If the head casing is enough similar - is one able to replace mainboard with the 150w version (if mine is the 75w version) if I wished to upgrade? (My guess is probably not but its worth the question)
  2. I have a used Spider iii amp head and would like to determine information about the amp. Is there any information that I can determine from the serial number alone. (not sure the model I have actually) Background: Bought used from a pawn shop. Shortly after purchase I had loaned this amp to the lead guitarist in need of a local band. The band took a break and I began to ask for my equipment back. After a bit of a search I did find my amp head but in the ownership of another individual whom had bought it from a pawn shop. It is being repaired currently and I have the reports going forward to reclaim my property as I am able to. I do not have immediate access to this amp head until the police details are taken care of but the main board has been blown. Would like to size up the cost of purchasing this board and repairing myself after the dust clears. Line-6 Spider iii Serial: A861P563 Would be most pleased to know if this is a 75w or 150w - and if determinable the part number of the main board that will need to be replaced. Ron in Texas.