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  1. I've had my amplifi for almost a year now and I check this webpage every so often to see if anything new has happened but it tends to be more complaints and unpleasant experiences being posted than anything else. I just wanted to throw my opinion out there of this actually being a decent amp to play with. I use an IPhone and haven't had issues connecting with Bluetooth like I constantly see people talking about. The tone matching system isn't the best but it generally gets you pretty close to the sound you want. I just bought a Marshall jcm 2000 and 4x12 cab that blows the amplifi out of the water but for a 1/4 of the price I will highly recommend this for anyone looking for a fun amp to mess around with
  2. Ok, and unfortunately for me I have a Mac and I didn't see the amplifi app when I searched for it in the App Store for my computer so I didn't really even get to mess with it as much as I wanted too last night. Thanks for the advice, il follow up when I double check everything
  3. I'm on iOS. It's definitely connected because I can alter other settings as I play and it shows the 4 presets but the rest that were added are just blank
  4. I pulled this thing out of the box 2 days ago and it was still on 1.0 firmware so I updated expecting to get all the new presets that were added with 1.1 or whatever version but when I click the amps tones in my app it just says that I still have the original 4 and the rest are all default. Am I missing something? Maybe if you jump right to 2.5 you don't get the previous versions features? Any help is appreciated, I was looking forward to messing around with a few of those sounds and I can't find them on the cloud either
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