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  1. are there other places to get customer patches for the hd500x besides the line6 site?
  2. Do you know why adding the mixer and the "1/4 cable ends make a difference like that? vs XLR direct from POD to K12.. Just curious as to what is the difference..
  3. Interestingly, I bought a Yamaha mixer MG06 and connected with 1/4" vs xlr. The K12 are now sounding great. The POD is connected to the mixer and the mixer to the K12s.. xlr out of the POD, 1/4" into the mixer. 1/4" out of the mixer and 1/4" into the K12.
  4. I bought a QSC K10, K12 and Altos T12 to try connected to my HD500x. Amazingly the Altos sounded 100x better. This shocks be given the reputation and pricing difference. Can someone help me understand why the QSC Ks didn't blow the Altos away? I had several ears listening and all my family agreed that it wasn't close. Thanks for the thoughts.
  5. wildmda


    Thanks. Is there a way for me to know if you I still have the old patches? I was just starting so I don't know what patches existed at the beginning. Thanks.
  6. Yes. I have the latest editor software and am not seeing it there either. Would it actually be titled 'vintage pack' with a number a letter in front in the setlist with the amps underneath it? The set list goes to 16x.
  7. wildmda


    I just bought the HD500x and installed monkey. During the install of firmware or flash updates, it asked if I wanted to carry forward previous patches yes/no. I don't recall how I answered this question. How can I confirm that I have all the patches previous and updated on my HD500X? Appreciate the help
  8. Hello, I just bought the HD500x. I installed monkey and all the updates. Looks like all are checked off. I then went in to license manager and authorize my computer and hd500x. I then installed the vintage pack. It is showing installed in license manager. When I go to the editor or the HD500x itself, I am not seeing the vintage pack anywhere. I have look at the tutorial and it looks like i have installed all correctly. Could someone help me on how to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks
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