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  1. Anyone have any ideas or opinions on the Boss harmonist pedal? ........or indeed any other brand. Just wondered if there are any harmoniser pedals out there that have more advanced features to the Pod smart harmony.
  2. As always Peter, an excellent & informative video. Many thanks.
  3. I think the reasoning behind this is, if someone has an amp they are happy with (nice pre amp,etc) they can have the best of both options by using this method. Also I would imagine that maybe not every one has or uses a mixing desk.
  4. Thank you Peter. Much appreciated.
  5. Tried it today with mixed results. When using the pod fx loop, which sends the signal to the amps pre amp, it's perfect. But when using a patch without the pod fx loop, IE, one that is sent to the power amp bypassing the Marshall pre amp. all sorts of weird interference happens that I can only get rid of by turning the Marshall amps fx loop knob down to almost silent. Obviously, this is because the amp fx loop is a parallel one and not a serial one. Has anyone successfully modified a Marshall VS100R amp fx loop from parallel to series?
  6. Thank you Gentlemen. I will try some experimenting with this today. No doubt I'll be back with more questions. ;)
  7. Supposing i am happy with the clean sound of my Marshall Valvestate VS100R.....i want to use the Marshall pre amp with maybe some delay & reverb & chorus from the HD500X, no amp modelling or cab sim. But i would like to use an amp model so that it bypasses the Marshall pre amp .....just using the Marshall as a power amp. I understand i would need to use an FX loop on the pod. The Marshall amp has an FX loop. Can anyone confirm if this is possible? It's been driving me mad for days! Many thanks for any suggestions. :)
  8. It's a good idea. I changed all my keyboard rig cables to angled plugs some time ago. Had too many near misses when over excited audience members jumped onto the stage. ;)
  9. Thank all you for the replies & suggestions , much appreciated.........Peter, thank you for the video link, very informative & straight to the point. This is still a work in progress as there are so many options,etc. As I mentioned in my first post, I intend to keep things simple for the time being.......the fact that I also play keyboards with the band doesn't help matters much,as I cannot give the guitar side of things my full attention. We are having a 2 week holiday break after this week, so I will have more time to knuckle down to do some more involved programming. Many thanks.
  10. I just purchased the POD HD500X last week......it appears to be an impressive piece of gear & much more advanced than my current Korg Toneworks AX1500G. My intended use is for live gigs, as i play in a covers\function band covering music from the 1960's to present day. My amp is an old Marshall VS 100r combo with an added matching extension cab. As there are a lot of possibilities & programming options on the POD, i intend to start of with just some basic FX for the time being. I have read about the 4 cable method (which looks interesting) but would like to keep things simple & basic for the time being. Main question is......if i am plugging my strat into the front of the Marshall amp is it best to disable the amp sims on the pod? I have searched the net about this & have not found a definite answer so far. Any comments appreciated!
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