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  1. ZenBalancer's post in Why is Workbench HD seeing my JTV-89F as Tyler Variax (JTV-69)? was marked as the answer   
    I'm going to use a double post because the size of my previous post and this one (both posts together would be too much), to update and close this issue on my part. Basically it wasn't a ROM issue (this particular one never could be in retrospect, otherwise anyone could change their guitar model by loading that FW, so it was:
    ;in the factory ([south?] Korea [contracting 3rd party? or a Line 6 branch?]).
    I opened a support ticket for the feedback gist I quoted above, and simultaneously sent it back to the shop, and the last Line 6 support feedback was at 6 August. In the meantime I gained a lot of experience with various productions of this model, and figured a few things out, also how to reproduce the 2nd issue clearly with the actual relevant setting, also with a contrast (not really a workaround), which I will get into at the following topic:My (incremental + messy) 'Review' - JTV-89F + Firehawk FX.
    So I also found out based on the working of the other productions that the Alternate Tuning nob of this particular one was connected in reverse: Baritone was Model, Standard was Drop Bb/flat, etc.. and visa versa, so also for all of the other options and their counter-ones from the end side. In retrospect makes sense, since the Standard Alternate Tuning measured wasn't like the standard tuning of the magnetic pickup. So basically I'm not sure whether they can fix it, or weather someone else bought it as alternative stock as-is for a (possibly significantly) reduced price. But I did my part. I'm done with this particular production.
    The support ticket and conversation (most recent reply upward, take some time to open after downloading) is attached. Here is their feedback (most recent-to-oldest downward):
    (I asked whether removing the registration would remove the ticket, he said it doesn't, and it didn't, also they don't remote 'debug' nor remote analyze)

    Entire attached ticket (goto full post [also need to be logged in]):
    EDITs: some small addition and layout.
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