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  1. Thanks for your post. Never posted on a forum before sooo oops! Yeah i read the entry you posted from the archive the only issue i have, which is typical for me, is that it does not specifically state something along the lines of "even when using direct line out you still need to connect a speaker cabinet" Everyone i know seems to think that no you shouldnt need to connect a speaker cabinet and their reasons seem convincing enough but then ill read articles that state that yes you must. The qouted post above does say that yes you must connect a speaker cabinet so i guess this applies to line direct line out mode.....
  2. my question is. When i run out the back of my line 6 HD 100 from the direct line out xlr socket into my boss br 800 recorder Do i Have to have a speaker cabinet plugged in? Use it with the stand by turned off or on?
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