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  1. Where do I can order or buy that new amp board in case of a broken trace???
  2. Thanks again for your reply. A few days later I tried turning on the amplifier again, and after 15 minutes clipping all the time, it kept 5 minutes working fine (then it turned off lonely) I disconnected from power suply and reconected again and it worked fine without any problem for two hours. I could test by the headphones imput it was working fantastic. The same next day.- Then I decided to put the cabinet on the chasis again and when I connected to the amplifier speaker. When I plugged it in it produced a boom sound and within a second I turned it off and there was this burning smell after which I dismantled the amp head and was able to determine that the TDA7293 I.C was burnt to death. The amplifier keeps working on the headphones imput but there´s no way to make it sounds by the speaker.- I decided to try a technical support but 3 of those TDA7293 pieces were replaced with the same results .- Some other suggestion? Million thanks
  3. Million thanks for your reply and support my dear friend. I've been using the amp for more than 4 years with a 110 to 220 v (300w) power transformer without any problem.- Always wanted to replace the original internal 110 w transformer to don't have to use both. but I was afraid of doing damage to the amplifier being not an official service here in mi country.- Do you think it can be a transformer problem??? Do you know some transformer datasheet to know if i can replace it for a new one with the same values??? I attach a picture of the converter and the internal transformer.- Million thanks again
  4. Hello dear friends, here Marky from Argentina. My SJ75 started clipping once a time a few weeks ago. Then it became a thing happening once a day , and now it happens all the time. We have no official service in my country (I bought it in USA but I have no chance to comeback to send it to an official service) . Some help will be appreciated and forever thanked!!! It's not a chip or some other visible part overheating. You can take a look on the video attached.- SPIDERJAM75.mp4
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