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  1. I think I accidentally found the cause, the adapter is of the screw-on type and this time I set it barely attached/screwed and voila both sides working! If I screw it to the end only one side sounds. I guess this is the equivalent to halfway putting the regular adaptors. I also removed the control panel, blew a bit and attached it again.
  2. Any visual guide to this? Video or webpage?
  3. I didn't quite understand this, sorry English is not my native language, do you want me to return the amplifier or to check something on it?
  4. I doubt it, I bought the headphones yesterday. The amplifier also arrived yesterday Even more, I tested them at a TV Set with the adapter and both sides worked. Probably my brother can give me another 1/8'' to 1/4'' to test but I'm starting to fear that the Spider phones output is broken. Or is that impossible?
  5. Hi, When I plug my headphones only left side is working. Headphone is a Sennheiser HD 205 that comes with a 1/4'' adapter. The adapter works ok, it has been tested in a TV. Plugging it halfway does't make both channel work, in fact noone sounds. Thx in advance